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City Cable Car Gothenburg | Consulting, Planning, Design & Engineering, Tender

Transport planning department of the city (Trafikkontoret)


2015 – 2018

Tri-cable Gondola Detachable (TGD)

Gothenburg Cable Car

Project Description

On the 400th anniversary the city of Gothenburg plans to build a cable car over the Göta Älv river. The inhabitants of Gothenburg have been asked to deposit ideas and wishes for the future of their city. This resulted in a concrete working plan for the implementation of various projects until the anniversary celebrations in 2021. Among other things the working paper also contains a cable car.

The north and south of the city are connected via two bridges and the public transport (tram and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)) primarily runs over the eastern bridge. None of the two bridges are located close to the center of the city.

The planning area for the planned city cable car is north of the port, not far from the city center of Gothenburg. A total of four cable car stations are planned. The first one is located at the central public transportation hub called Järntorget, the secret main square of the Gothenburg. On the northern riverbank is the Lindholmen district. Lindholmen is being transformed into a district dominated by research and modern industry. However, more housing is also to be created here, as there is a great demand for apartments by students due to the Chalmers Technical University, which is in this district. In the Wieselgrensplatsen district north of Lindholmen, a new public transportation hub for trams, buses and cable car is to be built. The planned Västra Ramberget midway station is envisaged on the site of Volvo Trucks, one of the largest employers in Sweden.

The proposed cable car between Järntorget and Lindholmen shall be realized in Tri-cable Gondola Detachable (TGD) technology to ensure maximum availability and passenger comfort. The large TGD cabins with a capacity of about 30 passengers offer enough space for bicycles, buggies, and wheelchairs. The gondola shall be fully integrated into the public transportation network of Gothenburg.

Zatran was responsible for cable car consulting, planning, design and engineering works and acted as a cable car specialist and expert in all cable car issues for the transport planning department of the city (Trafikkontoret) and the involved parties.

The proposed city cable car would be a Tri-cable Gondola Detachable (TGD) system with a total length of 3.1 km, a capacity of 2.000 pphpd and 4 stations.

Service description

The following work has been carried out by zatran:

  • Track alignment evaluations and optimizations
  • Determination of system specifications and selection of cable car technology
  • General system calculations and determination of system data
  • Execution of static rope line calculations
  • Design of longitudinal profiles and site plans
  • Tower/pillar engineering and design
  • Station engineering and design incl. drive equipment, return equipment, conveyor system, rope tensioning system, rope saddles, passenger platform, power distribution system, backup power system, control & communication system
  • Maintenance facility and cabin depot engineering & design
  • Calculation of connection forces for stations and towers/pillars
  • Evaluation of possible future line extensions
  • Development of operation & maintenance concept
  • System investment cost calculations
  • Operation and maintenance cost calculations
  • Life cycle cost analysis
  • Creation of project schedule
  • Development of emergency evacuation and recovery strategies
  • System safety analysis
  • Noise emission and vibration analysis
  • Preparation of tender documents

Legal notice: The rendering above was created by UNStudio. zatran GmbH is associated with the project client Trafikkontoret as an independent cable car consultant and planner. The rendering is protected by copyright: © UNStudio (all rights reserved).

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