Mexico City Airport Cable Liner APM

Design and engineering for local passenger transport and urban cable cars

Our planning and engineering services range from concept developments for innovative transport systems, local passenger transport planning for ground-based and elevated transit systems, to cable car design and engineering with static and dynamic ropeway line calculations.

With the assistance of our long-term partners, we can cover all planning and design phases for buildings, structures and system equipment. This includes plans for preliminary design, conceptual design, approval design and detailed design for system technology, stations and maintenance facilities, track infrastructure and building technology.

Engineering, calculations and analyses

  • Passenger potential and demand analyses
  • Operational simulations and system layout
  • Cost-benefit studies, e.g. according to the standardized evaluation procedures
  • Static track calculations and rope line calculations for cable cars
  • Structural calculations for track and stations
  • Codes & Standards and legal analysis
  • System certification and approval strategy
  • Safety analyses
  • Reliability and availability analyses
  • RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety) analyses
  • Emergency evacuation requirements and concepts
  • Life cycle costs incl. spare parts requirements
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Planning and design

  • Alignment incl. layout plan and longitudinal section
  • Track incl. pillars and foundations
  • Vehicle or cabin
  • Control and signaling technology
  • Communication technology
  • Command and monitoring system
  • Power distribution system
  • Drive equipment
  • Station building incl. building technology
  • Depot and maintenance facilities
  • Architecture and visualization


  • Concept studies for new transport systems
  • System performance requirements and specifications
  • Project management for system and product development