Mexico City Airport Cable Liner APM

Objective and meningful cable car feasibility studies and public transport analyses

Depending on the requirements of the client, a feasibility study is required to examine and evaluate a mobility project or urban cable car idea in terms of usefulness and an acceptable overall economic cost-benefit ratio.

Open-ended feasibility studies or analyses for mass transit often include variant studies for various modes of transportation that examine technical, economic, legal, ecological and operational aspects of cable cars, driverless transport systems, and manual ground transit systems and evaluate them using standardized cost-benefit analyses.

The scope of a mass transit analysis or feasibility study varies depending on the client’s requirements and specifications and can be customized as needed. In principle, the following topics can be addressed in a public transport analysis or cable car feasibility study.

Feasibility study and analysis

  • Basic investigations
  • Definition of mobility requirements
  • Alignment studies and evaluation
  • Analysis of property or land usage
  • Passenger ridership analysis and capacity estimations
  • Preparation of market and vendor analyses
  • Analysis of project case studies
  • Evaluation and assessment of transport technologies
  • Execution operation simulations and system calculations
  • Electrical power calculations and energy consumption analyses
  • Execution of static (rope) line calculations and load calculations
  • Preparation of layout plans and longitudinal profiles
  • Assessment of legal framework conditions
  • Identification of funding opportunities
  • Presentation of approval and permission procedures
  • Identification of general conflict potentials and obstacles
  • Development of operation and maintenance concepts
  • Estimation of investment (CAPEX) and operating (OPEX) costs
  • Analysis of life cycle costs
  • Development of operating and project financing models
  • Execution of profitability calculations
  • Preparation of project schedules
  • conceptual designs for stations, guideway, pillars, rolling stock, workshop facilities, vehicle depots and energy distribution
  • Creation of architectural visualizations (renderings)
  • Comparison and assessment of different modes of transport
  • Cost-benefit analyses
  • SWOT analyses

Project references: Realized feasibility studies for urban cable cars and transport systems.