Mexico City Airport Cable Liner APM

Review and supervision services for transportation and cable car projects

Our review, supervision and inspection services for transportation and cable car projects range from the review of plans and documents, to the supervision of production and construction site, to the monitoring and inspection of system acceptance and operation.

We can provide the following review, supervision and inspection services during the various project execution phases:

Design & Engineering phase

  • Project coordination
  • Review of system layout and calculations
  • Verification of applied standards and laws
  • Independent design check
  • Review and/or preparation of documents
  • Preparation of expert opinions and certificates

Production phase

  • Manufacturing supervision
  • Quality management and control
  • Sub-supplier qualification testing
  • Factory testing

Installation and construction phase

  • Construction site inspection and supervision
  • Health & safety assessment
  • System installation checkout

Commissioning and acceptance phase

  • Supervision of static and dynamic system tests
  • Supervision of system acceptance tests
  • System certification

Operation & Maintenance (O&M) phase

  • Support of the operation start-up phase
  • Review and/or preparation of operation and maintenance plans
  • O&M staff training