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Automated Guideway Transit Benchmark and Strategy | Consulting

Transportation system manufacturer (confidential)


2012 – 2013

Automated Guideway Transit (AGT)

Automated Guideway Transit AGT

Project description

The Automated Guideway Transit (AGT) market is modest in size and highly competitive. Nevertheless, in the volatile AGT project business, it is possible to generate continuous workforce and production resource utilization and achieve stable turnover figures with special product, sales and O&M strategies. The aim of this study was to develop a business model that takes these key points into consideration.

Service description

The strategy consulting included the following topics, which have been summarized in a comprehensive report:

  • Execution of a technology and competitor analysis
  • Execution of a customer benefit analysis and evaluation of the competitive position
  • Analysis of the cost structure and execution of a price benchmark
  • Evaluation of the product portfolio and identification of potentials for product enhancement potentials
  • Definition of the product strategy incl. USPs
  • Creation of a market analysis and development of the market strategy incl. market segmentation, market data, market drivers, market success factors, market cultivation, market expansion potential
  • Execution of a SWOT analysis
  • Development of new business models incl. added value analysis, group synergies, “Make or Buy” strategies
  • Development of a sales organization model
  • Development of project financing models

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