City Cable Car Graz

South-West Line Graz | Feasibility Study

Holding Graz Kommunale Dienstleistungen GmbH


2011 – 2012

Light Rail Transit (LRT), Automated People Mover (APM), Personal Rapid Transit (PRT), Monorail

Cable Liner APM System

Project description

Due to existing infrastructure bottlenecks, the expansion of the tram network in Graz is difficult or is associated with enormous costs and long construction periods. Therefore, the city is considering the introduction of an additional transport level for the southwest of the city.

The feasibility study includes the development of a sustainable local transport concept with smart mobility systems for the southwest of Graz and the integration into the existing public transport network. The focus is on Automated Guideway Transit (AGT), with own Right-Of-Way (ROW) and independent operation from individual motorized traffic. The mass transit study is supplemented by cost/benefit comparisons with ground-based, manually operated transit systems such as the tram or the hybrid-driven multi-articulated bus.

Service description

The following topics were covered in the transport study:

  • Analysis of the general conditions incl. presentation of the existing public transport network and the transport development potentials.
  • Investigation of possible alignments and station locations
  • Preparation of a traffic forecast incl. passenger capacity design
  • Identification of possible system technologies for elevated, fully automated operation incl. presentation of typical system limits and areas of application
  • Elaboration of system requirements with subsequent system evaluation and recommendation
  • Operational simulations, system design and system planning including station building, maintenance facility, guideway, rolling stock and power supply
  • Estimation of system investment costs and operation and maintenance costs
  • Architectural visualization of station buildings and guideway incl. vehicles
  • Cost/benefit comparisons with tram and multi-articulated buses
  • System recommendation for southwest line

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