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Sollentuna Cable Car Stockholm | Consulting, Planning

Municipality of Sollentuna


2016 – 2017

Mono-cable Gondola Detachable (MGD)

Sollentuna Cable Car Stockholm

Project description

Sollentuna is a rapidly growing municipality in the Swedish province of Stockholm with 75,000 inhabitants. The challenges identified in the city’s master plan are: developing the city center, creating space for sports activities, developing nature reservoirs, meeting climate targets and reducing noise.

A cable car between Häggvik and Väsjön deemed to fit well with the ambitious ideas of the comprehensive master plan and may contribute to a continuous development of the municipality, particularly around Väsjön, Häggvik and around the cable car line itself. Special attention is given to develop a cable car line that is adapted to the urban area and the landscape while providing efficient public transport between Häggvik and Södersätra with intermediate stations at Edsvik/Rudbeck and Väsjön. In doing so, both the availability and use of public transport should be increased.

The envisaged urban cable car would be a Mono-cable Gondola Detachable (MGD) system with a total length of 3.3 km, a capacity of 1.800 pphpd and 5 stations.

Service description

The following work was part of the consulting and planning services:

  • Track alignment evaluation and determination of station locations
  • Evaluation and selection of suitable cable car technologies
  • System calculations and definition of system parameters
  • Static rope line calculation and definition of tower/pillar locations
  • Site plan and longitudinal profile design
  • Preliminary station, maintenance facility and cabin depot planning and design
  • Preliminary cabin design
  • Tower/pillar design and clearance envelope analysis
  • Definition of foundation forces for stations and towers/pillars
  • Preliminary power distribution system design
  • Preliminary signaling and communication equipment design
  • Development of operation & maintenance concept
  • Evaluation of system & civil works investment costs and O&M costs
  • Creation of system safety analysis and emergency evacuation concepts

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