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Graz-Webling Cable Car | Feasibility Study

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Mono-cable Gondola Detachable (MGD), Tri-cable Gondola Detachable (TGD), Tram, Bus

Graz-Webling Cable CarMur-river Cable Car Graz TGD Cabin

Project Description

The city of Graz examines the construction of several P+R facilities at peripherical commuter catchment areas of the city. In the south of the city, a planned P+R facility shall be connected to the public transport network by extending the existing tram line no. 5, but this is prevented by infrastructural and system bottlenecks. Consequently, the connection of the P+R facility and an existing shopping center to the local public transportation hub via a cable car will be investigated. In addition, detailed variant studies for tram and bus will be carried out and compared with the preferred cable car option within the framework of a cost-benefit analysis.

The cable car planning was conducted for a Mono-cable Gondola Detachable (MGD) and Tri-cable Gondola Detachable (TGD) system. In a further step, the short P+R gondola could be integrated into the planned Mur-river gondola from north to south of the city.

Service description

The following work was part of the feasibility study:

  • Passenger potential analysis and capacity design
  • Track alignment and determination of station and tower locations
  • System calculation and design
  • Static rope line calculation
  • Layout plan and longitudinal profile
  • Conceptual station, tower, and cabin design
  • Impact on adjacent tram lines in terms of capacity and headways
  • Variant study for alternative options, e.g. tram extension or bus connection
  • Life cycle cost analysis for different options (incl. tram and bus line adaptations)
  • Evaluation of the different transportation options with a cost-benefit analysis
  • Recommendation for preferred option

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