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Danube-River Cableway Bratislava | Consulting, Planning

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Danube-River Cableway Bratislava

Project description

As part of a mega infrastructure project development, the client intends to build a cable car feeder system over the Danube River, which will connect a new bus hub and the project development area with an important local transport hub in the city.

In this project, zatran GmbH acted as an independent ropeway consultant and expert for the private project development company HB Reavis. In this function, zatran analyzed, reviewed and revised existing master plans, studies, planning documents and economic feasibility calculations for a public transport cableway line over the Danube river and provided findings and a preliminary station concept for an intermediate station.

A comprehensive report summarizes all recommendations, conclusions and station designs provided by zatran.

Service description

The following tasks were handled by zatran:

  • Independent consulting of the client in all cableway topics
  • Assessment of the cableway lines
  • Review of cableway technology selection
  • Wind analysis and impact on system availability
  • Review of investment costs
  • Review of operation and maintenance costs
  • Project profitability analyses
  • Station planning and design

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