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Bus-Tram ART System Concept | Strategy, Development, Design & Engineering

Strategic investor (confidential)


2011 – 2013

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Project description

The new bus-tram passenger transport system is a 100% battery-driven system for local passenger transport that combines the obvious advantages of trams, buses, and Automated People Movers (APMs). It offers the flexible routing and low infrastructural requirements of buses as well as passenger capacities and the zero emissions of trams. Thanks to sophisticated guideway design, the bus-tram system can operate on elevated tracks, like Automated Guideway Transit (AGT) systems. A combination of manual operation on the ground and semi-automated, elevated operation is also possible. The zero-emission, low-noise drive system allows the vehicle to travel in sensitive city center areas.

Thanks to the use of the innovative battery changing system, pure electric, environmentally friendly operation is possible around the clock. Moreover, the battery switch system offers numerous advantages such as a low empty weight of the vehicles as well as high reliability and availability. The regulated electro-hydraulic multiple axle steering mechanism guarantees directional stability of all the wheels and enables particularly narrow curve radii. Thanks to the bi-directional operation capability, obstacles can be easily bypassed. Furthermore, turning in tight spaces is possible, making the novel bus-tram system an ideal means of transport for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) applications.

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