We develop urban mobility and mass transit in cities with sustainable and well-balanced means of transport, such as the city cable car for the welfare of the people in urban environments. Thus, we pursue long-term goals and strive to grow in harmony with our environment.

Our action is based on balanced eco-social approaches. Short-term strategies only aiming at self-interest and profit maximization are no-goes for us. We don’t need to become rich with the work we perform but we want to live and let live.

We want to grow in harmony with the environment and break new ground with new urban mobility systems such as the city cable car which support our conditions of life in a sustainable way. We take the time to represent sustainable urban mobility and mass transit topics firmly and authentically. Top priority is given to topics such as minimizing resource requirements and creating livable urban habitats.

The human being is the center of our activity because we strive for cooperative relationships with our business partners as well as with our employees. Our partners and employees can develop as well as contributing their ideas and opinions to create a high benefit for themselves and for our clients. We recognize our customer´s needs, implement suitable actions rapidly and continuously and work with enthusiasm. In doing so we give orientation und proceed with an appropriate sensibility. An open and continuous communication not only within the team but also towards our partners and clients creates trust and security.