Only a gentle use of natural resources will preserve the life chances and living environments for future generations. In this context the urban cable car in public transport plays an important role.

The main topic in the future will be to get back to original powers and values. The naturally existing productivity of nature and the gentle handling of natural resources need to regain the central place in life again. The process that makes money economy grow while all other essential elements such as nature (soil, water, plants, animals, people, etc.), heritage of the ancestors (pastures, fields, forests, buildings, knowledge, traditional craft skills, etc.), and non-paid actions (e.g. housekeeping, work in associations, etc.) are decreasing to insignificance persists ceaselessly.

Urban public transport can only be developed for the welfare of all human beings if it is accompanied by a sustainable change in the conscience of people. To ensure sustainable urban public transport, we need a more global way of thinking: from self-interest and a separated consideration to emphasizing on the common welfare. In a future-oriented and modern public transport, the urban cable car can also take over important traffic functions as a connector or feeder system. We, as zatran, put priorities on structurally important topics and pursue them consistently.