In many cases private transport projects are so called mega projects where the criteria of applications are broad, and the diversity of technology is correspondingly high. They include means of transportation like APM or monorail for business centers, universities and campuses, fairgrounds and exhibitions, theme parks, zoos, hotels, and casinos as well as shopping centers.

Simple, elevated shuttle systems from A to B with a track length of 500 – 3,000 m and small transport capacities up to 3,000 pphpd with monorail-, APM-, or ropeway technology are appropriate for rather small project areas (shopping malls, hotels, casinos etc.). For bigger areas, network solutions mainly run by buses, in rare cases monorails or trams can be considered. All these projects are highly cost-sensitive since the transport of passengers is not priority for the project developer. The technical requirements of such systems are quite moderate. In many cases they only have a sightseeing character. The project execution is often limited to the basics. When it comes to events with a limited time (e.g. exhibitions) transportation systems are only needed temporarily. Especially for such cases simple and compatible automated passenger transport solutions with attractive financing models offer an advantage.