We offer the full range of project services for public transport, especially for cable-propelled transport systems such as the gondola and funicular railway. Our scope of service ranges from consulting and planning, through engineering and design, tendering and contracting, to project management, installation and construction supervision, commissioning and acceptance, and operation & maintenance.

The trend towards more cities, a higher density of population in the cities and the enlargement of the cities’ borders is going to continue all over the world. The consequences are high environmental pollution, fine dust exposures and traffic jams provoked by the motorized individual traffic. All transport experts around the world agree: The future belongs to public passenger transport. Especially big cities ranging from 100,000 to 1,000,000 inhabitants, recording a fast growth inhabitant- and area-wise (peripherical city areas densify, surrounding villages become part of the cities) are forced to prepare for local public transport and reconsider their transport policy.

Thus, a visionary and far-reaching planning of public transport becomes indispensable because public transport gives the right answers to the present economical, socio-political, and ecological questions of today.

Zatran helps you answering many questions and offers comprehensive services in the areas of strategy, marketing, analysis, concepts, planning, development, engineering, construction, procurement, tender management, contracting and project management for gondola, funicular and Automated People Mover (APM) projects.